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Integrating the hardware into my product. What should I know?

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We at Ultrahaptics believe our technology has numerous applications in Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) from gesture control in cars, home appliances, industrial and medical environments to creating rich and immersive VR and AR experiences. We offer our range of development kits as a way for you to experience Ultrahaptics and to develop and integrate this unique technology into your applications.

General Points

You should consider the form factor of the transducer board, power requirements, the size of your interaction space and portability of the application in your design. Any tracking device will need good line-of-sight to identify the hand clearly and without obstruction. The ultrasound array itself should not be obstructed by any solid objects, while acoustic reflections should be considered when building the array into a confined space. For example, reflections from nearby, hard surfaces may have a detrimental effect on the acoustic field.

While sensations can be felt from 5cm from the array surface, the Ultrahaptics array works best at distances greater than 15cm and out to about 30° either side.

To protect from damage, dust and spillages the array should be covered with a suitable material.* Remember to account for cabling and the location of the host computer.

Development Kits

While the STRATOS Explore Development Kit, TOUCH Development Kit and Evaluation Kit are not designed as end-user products, they are well suited for integration into a demonstration or proof-of-concept application.

The STRATOS Explore Development Kit and TOUCH Development Kit can be removed from their frame and anchored using the four corner attachment holes. Note that if the relative position of the tracking device is changed a new alignment definition file will be needed. You can find details of how to do this in the SDK documentation.

The Evaluation Kit can be mounted directly in a suitable solid structure.

In addition to the standard, square array form factors we provide the 24×8 rectangular array for TOUCH Development Kit.


Due to the heat produced from the transducer board there must be suitable ventilation for the development kit, one of the reasons our development kits are mounted in their distinctive frames. If placed inside a closed environment additional ventilation should be considered. To protect from overheating the STRATOS Explore Development Kit and TOUCH Development Kit are designed to go into a transducer standby mode. In this state, the development kits will still appear and communicate with the host machine but will not output ultrasound. Normal operation will resume once the device has cooled sufficiently.

Weight and dimensions

  • STRATOS Explore Development Kit, including the frame: 520g
  • STRATOS Explore Development Kit transducer area: 16 x 16cm
  • TOUCH Development Kit, including the frame: 500g
  • TOUCH Development Kit transducer area: 14.5 x 14.5cm
  • TOUCH 24×8 rectangular transducer area: 25 x 8.5cm
  • Evaluation Kit (UHEV1): 520g
  • Evaluation Kit (UHEV1) transducer area: 16 x 16cm

Allow clearance of 25mm from the face of the array.

*Included with the STRATOS Explore Development Kit. You can purchase the optional cover materials pack, UHDK5-CM1, for use with the TOUCH Development Kit, to assess a selection of hard and soft options. The same materials can be used with Evaluation Kit (UHEV1) but we are happy to offer advice or evaluate any materials for you as part of our engineering services.

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