TOUCH Development Kit

Getting Started

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Register your kit

  1. Register using your serial number, which is located on the base of your development kit. Need help finding your serial number?

Install your software

  1. Download the Software Development Kit, double-click to begin the installation, following the instructions.
  2. You’ll then need to visit the Leap Motion website to download their SDK here.

Connect your hardware

  1. Connect your Ultrahaptics array and Leap Motion® camera module using the USB cables provided to your host computer.
  2. Attach the power supply to the Ultrahaptics array socket before connecting to the mains.
  3. Switch on the power.

Run the demos

  1. Download the Ultrahaptics Demo Suite zip file and unpack.
  2. Double-click to open. Ignore the warning about unverified software (Mac users may need to right-click to open the first time).

Create your sensations

You can create your own Ultrahaptics sensations in a number of ways. Either:

  1. Download and install the Sensation Editor to begin experimenting with our library of mid-air, haptic sensations.


  1. Write your own applications using our C++ and C# APIs. You can build and run the Ultrahaptics SDK examples to get started.
  2. Create your applications in Unity® by integrating the Ultrahaptics Unity asset.

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