Getting Started

#1 Register with serial number

First step is to register your new product using your serial number to access the downloads. It takes just a few minutes. You will find the serial number located on the base of your development kit or module, and begins with:

  • STRATOS Inspire Haptic Module: USI-00
  • STRATOS Explore Development Kit: USX-00
  • TOUCH Development Kit: UHDK5
  • Evaluation Kit: 000
  • TouchBase: 0000
Tip: You only need to register one of your kits.

#2 Connect hardware

Connect up your kit as shown, ensuring the power switch is on and place facing up with the Leap Motion® camera module at the top.


Note that the Ultrahaptics STRATOS Inspire Haptic Module is a fully integrated product with a single USB.

#3 Play with Ultrahaptics demos and sensations

Start experimenting with mid-air haptics now, with the Ultrahaptics Demo Suite and Sensation Editor.

Download and install the correct Leap Motion SDK, requirements as listed on the Demo Suite and Sensation Editor install pages.


  • Wait a few minutes for the Leap Motion® service to start
  • Connect the Leap Motion® USB cable directly to your machine
  • Please refer to Leap Motion’s Troubleshooting Guide for more details.

Download, unzip and run the Ultrahaptics Demo Suite application

  • Place your hand 20cm above the array
  • Step through each demo by hitting the space bar.

Ultrahaptics demo suite

#4 Start developing with Unity®

Start using our Ultrahaptics Core Asset for Unity®, to add mid-air haptics to your Unity project.

Read our Quick Start Guide and extensive tutorials.


You can also use Unity with our C# scripting API, available through Ultrahaptics SDK.

#5 Start developing with the Ultrahaptics API


Download and install the Ultrahaptics SDK
Download and install the Leap Motion SDK